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Representing the Round and Square Dance clubs of Columbus and Central Ohio.

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This Week in Central Ohio Square Dancing

Dear Dancers,

There are a number of opportunities for mainstream or plus level square dancing in Central Ohio this week. Other dance information (including information about higher level square dances, round dances, and beginner dance instruction) is available on our monthly calendar and our workshops and classes web pages.

Friday, May 27 – Bucks & Does at Gahanna Community Congregational Church, 470 Havens Corners Rd, Gahanna, from 8 to 10:30 PM. (Early rounds at 7:30 PM). Caller: Dan Austen. Cuer: Phyllis Burdette.

Saturday, May 28 – Westerville Promenaders at Westerville Senior Center, 310 West Main St, Westerville, from 7 to 9:45 PM. Caller: Jason Raleigh. Cuer. Chuck Berry.

Wednesday, June 1 – Daylight Dancers will be dark this week due to a facility availability problem.

Wednesday, June 1 – Hi-Timers at Gahanna Community Congregational Church, 470 Havens Corners Rd, Gahanna, from 7:30 to 10:00 PM. (Early rounds at 7 PM.) Callers: Mark Clausing & Cindy Whitaker. Cuer: Chuck Berry.

Friday, June 3 – Orbiting Squares from 8:00 to 10:30 PM. (Early rounds at 7:30 PM). Location TBD. Caller: Dan Austen. Cuer: Linda Bishop.

Sunday, June 5 – Friendly Ties Ice Cream Social at Pickerington Senior Center, 150 Hereford Dr, Pickerington from 7:00 to 9:30 PM. Caller: Tom Rudebock. Cuer: Phyllis Burdette.

Keep on dancing!


Our Featured Caller of the Month:
Dave Van Dyk

Dave Van Dyk

Dave Van Dyk started square dancing in 1978 while living in Charlottesville, Virginia. A co-worker took him to a local club dance in January, and he was hooked. At that time there was a caller nearby who was starting a new class in February. It didn't matter that "nearby" meant driving over a mountain pass in the dead of winter. Dave graduated in the spring. He joined two clubs in the Charlottesville area, one that danced on the first and third Friday, the other on the second and fourth. Dave thought he had it made because he could go dancing every weekend. Not until he moved to Columbus did he find out that this hobby could keep you busy ten nights out of eleven! A member of Bucks and Does named Colonel Wise (yes, that was his name, not his rank) got him started on amateur calling in the 80s and the die was cast. Dave has unofficially coordinated amateur caller nights in this area ever since, sending e-mail notices to new and amateur callers about upcoming events and encouraging clubs in the area to have more amateur caller nights.

Dave has been an active member of Bucks and Does since moving to Columbus in 1980, and over the years has served as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, on Bucks and Does' Executive Board. He is currently the Council Representative for the club. He attended the Grand Square International callers' school at the Detroit national convention in 2011, and got his caller's BMI/ASCAP license when he joined the American Callers' Association earlier this year. He dances most Wednesdays with the Daylight Dancers at the Janis Center, where Mark Johnson is nice enough to let him call a tip each week. He worked with Bucks and Does' Nest program during the 2014-15 dance year, helping to train new dancers. Dave is also an active member of the Central Ohio Callers Association, serving currently as Secretary and as the Sunshine Person, sending out cards to those who are ill or have lost a loved one. He has served on committees that revised the Constitution and By-Laws for both the Orbiting Squares and the Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs (COCDC). He also participates in the monthly Hashing It Up Workshop to further improve his calling skills, and he intends to continue dancing and calling as long as he is able.

Cheryl took lessons with Bucks and Does in the fall of 1988, where she met Dave and quickly became his favorite student. After she graduated, they danced together for several years and were married in April of 1991 in the same church where Bucks and Does held their dances. They had a traditional ceremony and a square dance reception, with the "BADS" Dick Loos calling squares and Jan Cohen cueing rounds. Cheryl has supported Dave in both dancing and calling, encouraging him to dance with solo dancers so that everyone has a chance to dance. She and Dave joined Orbiting Squares in 2010, where Dave has served as that club's Cues and Tips reporter since 2012. Cheryl's dancing has been curtailed recently by a lung ailment, but she still encourages Dave in his square dance activities, which also include contributing to Bucks and Does' monthly newsletter.

Congrats to our 2016 COCDC Honoree
Lynn LeMaster
(Bucks & Does Singles)

Honoree Pic Lynn LeMaster

The COCDC is pleased to announce that Lynn is our Honoree this year
from Central Ohio. Lynn has served the square dancing community well
since she began dancing in 2005. Please visit our Honoree's Page
for Lynn's full story.

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