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Representing the Round and Square Dance clubs of Columbus and Central Ohio.

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Website Changes in Store

After 15 years, the COCDC website will be getting a fresh new look, and a new webmaster. The transition will take place between now and the end of the year. We're still working out the details but check out, which will be the entry site for the Columbus square dance community. We're putting more emphasis on attracting new dancers and are automating the dance calendar so that each club can manage the listings of their own dance entries. Ray Owens will be constructing and maintaining the new site and I (Rob Stampfli) will be working with Ray to provide for an orderly transition. We're working hard to complete the major work by year's end. So check back with us from time-to-time, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have suggestions and/or questions; after all, we're doing this for you!

Summer Fun Dances

Now you've graduated from your long winter of dance lessons and can't seem to get enough dancing in, we have a little something extra to share with you: In collaboration with our local clubs, your Council is sponsoring five free dances this summer.** Casual attire is fine at these two-hour square-dance-only dances. All dancers, both old and new, are welcome. So, hone your new-found skills and get to meet and dance to some of our talented local callers! See you in a square. (** Optional donations will be accepted for Toys for Tots.)

Our Friendship Dangle Gets a New Look...

Bright yellow with black letters boasting Friendship Hands Across COCDC. Dancers can earn this dangle by attending a club dance at all ten-member clubs during a one-year period. Now that COCDC has grown and has ten active Plus level clubs, the form has been revised too. A club officer must sign and date the form at each new club dance you attend. When you've gotten all ten signatures, give the completed form to a COCDC Council Representative to receive your dangle! Spread the Friendship of Western Square Dancing throughout Central Ohio!

"This Month in Central Ohio Square Dancing" To End

Dear Dancers,

The July This Month in Central Ohio Square Dancing column will be the last one that I will routinely publish. I will continue to forward emails I receive about cancellations and changes in callers, cuers, and locations, along with other dance related information that I believe to be of interest to dancers.

The information about scheduled dances that I have been sending out is readily available on two different websites: this Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs (COCDC) site,, and also on the new site that Ray Owens has created, You really do not need for me to send out the dance schedule when it is easy to find on either website, and is also available in Cues & Tips magazine and in the annual Central Ohio Western Square & Round Dance Schedule produced and distributed by COCDC.

If you have not checked out, be sure to take a look. Ray has been busy taking photos and videos at local dances and also at the Ohio and National Square Dance Conventions, and has shared them with all of us. He has added dance related information and links to other dance sites. This new site is colorful and entertaining, and will keep current dancers well informed and hopefully also attract new, younger dancers when they see how much fun we have.

Currently, Rob Stampfli is maintaining the COCDC website that he created and has maintained for us for years (, but sometime this fall the Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs will be totally transitioning to Ray Owens’ Columbus Square Dance site. We are grateful to Rob for all of the work and the fine job that he has done for COCDC and the Central Ohio dance community over the years. Thank you, Rob!

Keep on dancing!


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