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Johnny Appleseeds
Bucks & Does
IC Rounds
Little Brown Jugs

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Grove City Western Squares
Orbiting Squares
Bunkhouse Reelers
Westerville Promenaders


In late 2010, we started asking each of our member clubs to provide a brief article about themselves for the COCDC website. These writeups were intended to give each club the chance introduce themselves — to provide a bit of history about how each club came into being and what sets it apart from other clubs today. Some of our clubs have been around for many years and have quite a rich heritage. Our intent was to use this information to highlight a different club every month on our banner page. The material we received impressed us so much we decided that we really needed to retain these histories for posterity's sake.

We hope you enjoy this collective and collaborative effort. Please click on the banners on the left side of your screen to view each club's "story".

(Some of the clubs listed here have disbanded or become inactive in the interim, and that fact is so noted in their individual entries. But we've retained their writeups for completeness and for the historic value they bring to our square dancing community.)