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The Bucks & Does Singles Square Dance Club

Founded 1975
Page Last Updated: March 2013

1975 welcomed a new "baby" into the square dancing world in Central Ohio.  It was named the Bucks & Does Singles Western Square Dance Club.  At that time, there were 30+ clubs for couples in Central Ohio but none for single dancers, and singles often were not welcome to attend couples clubs unless they came with a partner. The Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs recognized the need and mandated that a "singles only" western square dance club be established. Harfey & Betty Lightfoot volunteered to organize a singles club and solicited the help of Dick & Pat Van Meter. Dick Loos, a new caller in the area, joined forces with the Lightfoots and the Van Meters in establishing Bucks and Does Singles. Dick Loos was aided by his wife, Diana. The founders quickly integrated singles into the early planning and decision making that established much of the philosophy of the club. A group of three couples and five singles choose the club name, club schedule and callers for individual dances for the first year, etc. When the club held its first membership vote, one of the singles, Lois (Slaughter) Krull (who is a current club member) was nominated and elected the first President of Bucks & Does Singles. Single dancers now had a club where they were encouraged to dance as singles. Bucks & Does had over 100 class members the first season.

The new club chose as its core mission, to provide an environment where single people could come to learn to dance and then attend regular club dances without a partner. Club caller Dick Loos and his wife Diana were an integral part of club life at Bucks & Does for 25 years.  Sadly, they have both passed away.  But their legacy lives on.

Today Bucks & Does is a dynamic and active club that welcomes new members and guests. It is primarily a singles organization, but married couples and well-behaved children accompanied by an adult are always welcome. Bucks & Does normally holds dances twice per month.  Please go to for details about our dance dates and locations.

Bucks & Does periodically sponsors charity dances to benefit worthy causes.  You will also find its members manning the lemonade stand at the annual Arts Festival (to help raise money for the Central Ohio Corporation of Square Dancers) and participating in demo dances at many fairs & festivals wherever and whenever the promotion of western square dancing is needed. Club members also travel to most other clubs to steal or retrieve banners and otherwise support other club dances in general.

Bucks & Does does not have a club caller or cuer, but instead prefers to engage a variety of different callers and cuers. Club members pay membership dues annually or semi-annually, and then are admitted to all 24 regular dances. Non-member dancers pay a $6.00 per person entrance fee at the door for each dance. Attire is casual at classes and summer dances. During the rest of the year square dance clothing is encouraged, but not required, at dances. Each year the club sponsors beginners' western square dance lessons; typically beginning in September each year.

Operational decisions of the club are made by an elected Board consisting of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Secretary-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, Council Representative, Council Representative-Elect and the immediate Past President.

Bucks and Does Singles is affiliated with the Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs and also with Single Square Dancers USA (SSDUSA), and multiple Bucks & Does members have taken on leadership roles in both of these organizations. SSDUSA is the primary national singles square dance organization, and it holds an annual Dance-A-Rama (DAR) festival every Labor Day weekend. Bucks & Does hosted this festival in 2005, and has chartered buses to take dancers to the DAR’s in Rochester, NY (2006), Davenport, IA (2009) and Alexandria, VA (2010).