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The IC Rounds
Last updated: November 2017

IC Rounds badge
IC Rounds Banner

In the summer of 2013, there were 3 newly graduated couples from LBJ who wanted to learn to round dance, so Nancy Swanberg requested 10 weeks of lessons for them. I didn't really think anyone wanted to take lessons in the summer, but agreed to try, starting on July 8 to get through with the July 4th holiday. In the meantime Nancy was talking the lessons up everywhere she danced so when the day arrived the 3 couples turned into 10 or 11 couples!

At the time, Jody was crippled with sciatica pain and could only just pull herself the steps to the 3rd floor and could not dance. Luckily, Terri Ross and Terry Smith were glad to help out and Terri did most of the demonstrating with me and we couldn't have gotten off the ground without her.

So 10 weeks of lessons turned into 20 weeks and then 30 weeks and just kept going. And since some of the group met at UDF for ice cream after the dancing (no matter how cold the weather), Denny Bumb suggested the group be called the IC (for Ice Cream) Rounds, and so it has been. Thus our badge has an dancers and an ice cream cone.

Dancers come and go but at least 3 1/2 of the original couples (one person has a new dance partner) still attend week after week on Monday nights in Delaware.