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The Little Brown Jug Square Dance Club

Last Updated March 2018

LBJ Banner
LBJ Banner

The Little Brown Jug Square Dance Club originated as an offshoot of the Delaware Square Ups (a couples club) in the Spring of 1986. Bob Jones taught the first class (1985–1986) assisted by Don Kinnear and others when Bob had back trouble; then Cecil Abery taught for 2 years (1986–1988), Tom Dillander for 3 years (1988–1991), Lowell Noland for 4 years (1991–1995) and now Bob Daye (1995–present). Somewhere around 1998 the club was renamed Little Brown Jug Singles Square Dance Club with the idea of recruiting more than just couples to the dance world. Today we have shortened the name to Little Brown Jug Square Dancers and welcome couples and singles of all ages.

Horse Drawn Carriage
Little Brown Jug Square Dancers at All Horse Parade

Dances for singles and couples were first held at the Delaware Armory which had a beautiful wooden floor. Their second home base was the Delaware Vocational School and when that became too costly, the club moved to the Hillborn Room at Mingo Park Recreation Center. When the Delaware YMCA opened in 2012, Little Brown Jug Square Dancers partnered with them, hoping to enhance recruitment. Lessons were moderately attended for 2 years. But in the summer of 2014 the yard sign recruitment campaign was so successful they had to move their class of 25 to larger quarters in the Delaware #376 Eagles Lodge. As of January, 2015, the Eagles Lodge at 127 E. William Street is the "LBJ's" permanent home.

On November 16, 2018, Little Brown Jug Square Dancers will host their annual charity dance; this time exclusively for Grace Free Medical Clinic of Delaware County. It will take place at Delaware Bible church, 45 Belle Avenue, from 7:30 - 10:30 with Tom Davis calling and Phyllis Burdette cuing. There will be a live auction, silent auction and raffle items. The public is welcome.

During the school year this plus-level-with-rounds club dances on the 3rd and 5th Fridays from 7:30 to 10:30 as well as a special dance on the 3rd Sunday in July.

Demo Dance
Delaware Mainstreet Demo Dance

During the summer Little Brown Jugs focus on promoting square dancing in a variety of demonstrations and local community events. The most popular have been 1st Friday Mainstreet Delaware demos with audience participation. A new demo on June 9th will be to entertain shoppers at the Northwest Neighborhood Art Park Antique Festival (154 W. William St., Delaware). Look for our yellow T-shirts and yard signs. We occasionally entertain at schools, historical car shows and nursing homes in addition to supporting other club and Council recruiting events.