Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs
Minutes of Meeting September 9, 2013
COCDC President Velma Doyle called the meeting to order at 7:30.
Roll Call:  There were 16 members from 13 clubs.
Minutes:  Correction to the minutes under Bills:  $49.50 to Velma ($44.50 for printing schedule & $5 for printing agendas & recruitment flyers).  Minutes were approved as corrected.
Treasurer’s Report:  Pat Liston issued and reviewed the treasurer's report.  All COCDC Clubs have paid their dues.  The treasurer's report was approved.
Bills:  $25 for building use.  $2.00 to Nancy Swanberg for printing Club Officer Rosters.  $42.82 to Velma for additional calendars, flyers, and agendas.  Paying of bills was approved.
Communications to Council:  None
President’s Report:  None
Committee Reports: 
a.  State Corp. Shirley Monnett reported the next State Corp Meeting will be held in  
     Columbus on Sun., Nov. 3.  There will be a daytime State Corp. educational meeting
     on Sat., Nov. 2 at the Harlem Rd. Church in Sunbury to present “The Nest” new
     dancer teaching technique shortening lesson time and allowing for catch up of
     missed lessons.   Flyers are forthcoming and all are encouraged to attend.   A
     benefit dance for the 2017 National Convention follows in the evening at Gahanna
b. Callers Liaison/Callers Report. The West Salem benefit for Happy Squares along 
    with subsequent donations raised over $2000.  The St. Louis National Singles Board
    meetings did not offer any new etiquette information but Central Ohio Callers Assoc.
    encouraged it’s members to emphasize proper etiquette during lessons this fall.
c. Demo Reports.  Shirley reported the Sweet Corn Festival had good audience
    participation. Flyers are out for the Hilliard Fall Festival Sept. 22nd.  Nancy thanked
    all who supported the Powell Historical Society demo Sept. 8.  Tommy and Jason
    were able to call with Clear Run, a live gospel band for a good ole’ fashioned hoe
    down, yodeling and audience participation.
d. Publicity/Recruitment.  Sue Williams distributed updated recruitment flyers  
    produced by her new committee targeting the 50 and older square dancer market. 
    They will be learning more about “The Nest” teaching techniques to build classes,
    increase graduation rates and improve retention.  They will develop a media plan,
    materials and technology to support their goals. Their next meeting is Tues., Sept.
e. Constitution Report.  None
f. Ways & Means.  Honoree Dance flyers were distributed.  Honoree nomination
   forms will be issued at our next meeting.
Old Business:
·      A full page “Toys for Tots Dance” ad in Cues and Tips was approved. 
·      It was decided to post COCDC Minutes (but not Treasurer’s Reports) on our website.
·      Left over Donatos coupon booklets will be saved for our next convention fund raiser.
·      There was a general consensus to  support a 2016 Ohio Convention in Columbus if a suitable location is found and people to do the work; still pending research.
·      The petty cash fund utilization was discussed with a decision to leave it as is.  State Corp Reps will need to turn in receipts from their meeting or invitation to get reimbursed up to $25.
New Business:
·      Honoree Dance assignments:  LBJ – decorations; Grove City - plates, napkins, water jugs, 1 coffee pot; Bucks & Does-cups, coffee, 1 coffee pot & condiments; Maple Leaf Squares & Westerville–maintain food table; Hicks & Chicks (Sue Corbin) photos; Orbiting Squares- registration table.  Friendly Ties - greeters.  All dancers please bring finger food.  Receipts for supplies may be turned in for reimbursement.
·      We will place ¼ page ad in the 2014 State Convention program book.
·      Pat Liston needs Honoree Nomination letters turned in by Jan. 6, 2014.
·      Velma will email each club a copy of the 2017 National Convention Organizational Chart.  There are several positions open for committee volunteers.  Please sign up.
·      Club Reports should only include changes in dates, callers, cuers or locations that are not already printed in Cues & Tips and the website to minimize redundancy.
·      Mary Galantine reported “The Nest” workshop on Nov. 2 beginning at 10:30 includes a potluck lunch.  There will be some initial expenses divided among all councils.  Shirley moved that COCDC, as host council, pay all the up-front expenses and divide them up later.  Motion passed. Mary also invited all clubs to participate in the 7:30 am TV demo Sept. 10 at Gahanna Church.  Ed Laudenschlager is calling.  Dancers are asked to bring potluck breakfast items.
Club Reports:
Bucks & Does.  See flyers on mainstream dances every 2nd Tuesday starting Oct. 8, 6:45 – 8:45.
Capital City Rounds.  Basic Rounds lessons begin tonight in Grove City at 6:30 with Cha @ 8:15.  Slow two step will begin on Thurs., @ 6:30 at St. Luke’s Church.
Friendly Ties.  Harold Fergus improving and may move to Mt. Carmel W soon.  Mark Johnson is filling in for him Sunday.  We will greet prospective students Tuesday & decide how to proceed.
Grove City.  See flyers for New Year’s Eve and Halloween. Caller change 9/14- Courts for Arnett.
Hicks & Chicks.  7 couples at lessons Sunday.  Caller change 9/21-Laudenschlager for Rippeto.
LBJ  Our Charity Dance Nov. 29 will be held at the Eagles Lodge.  Flyers are forthcoming.
Maple Leaf Squares.  Dance time change starting 9/22 will be 3:00 – 5:30.  All flyers are wrong.
Orbiting Squares.  Classes start 9/18 @ Whitehall, 6:45-8:45.  See flyers for location changes to Little Peoples Day Care Center on 9/20, 11/1, and 12/6.
Westerville.  Change of cuer 9/28  Mark Johnson for Harold Fergus.
Motion to Adjourn.     Next meeting Nov. 4, 2013 at 7:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Swanberg, Secretary