Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs

Minutes of Meeting November 4, 2013

COCDC Vice President Lynn LeMaster called the meeting to order at 7:30.

Roll Call: There were 13 members from 10 clubs..

Minutes: Correction under New Business… We will place ¼ page good luck ad… and under Club Reports…Grove City Pre-New Year’s Eve… Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Pat Liston reviewed the treasurer’s report. All approved.

Bills: It was approved to pay the $25 building use bill. Dennis Budinski reported 2017 National Convention fund raiser dance netted $329 - $50 hall rent + $40 split the pot = $319.

Communications: Nancy Swanberg sent a Council get well card to Harold Fergus.

President’s Report: None

Committee Reports:

a. State Corp. Debbie Cina - Rounds Snowball is scheduled Jan. 19, 2014, 2: - 4: in Cincinnati.

There will be a Rounds Clinic pre- 2014 Convention. Debbie Kitts and Paulette Henry have

earned their Friendship Badges. Gail Blaskis is selling Round Dance history books. Does

COCDC want to purchase one? (No decision.) Ohio State outfit kits are available for $12.

2014 Convention will offer a Trail End Dance dance on Thursday, a free “Walking” tour of

Cincinnati area, Comedy Show and Boat ride on Saturday... See flyers. There is a new

form for ordering ads in their program booklet.

As of today there are 212 registrants for the 2017 National Convention. There will be no

State Convention that year but some special dance will be held for Honor Couples.

Mary Galentine reported “The Nest” seminar was well received by 62 attendees.

Shirley Monnett reported the Showcase of Ideas will be dropped at conventions. Mini

Legacy will be replaced by Educational Seminars; 2014 will be more on “The Nest”. Each

Convention can decide what to present, with no more competition for plaques.

b. Callers Liaison/Caller’s Report. Debbie reported the Caller Lab Convention in Reno next

year will welcome all dancers. Dave Van Dyke is the new Caller’s Assoc. Sunshine Person.

Etiquette is becoming a more prevalent issue for all callers to address. The Snowball is

Scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014 at Eastpointe from 1:30 – 4:30.

c. Demos. None

d. Publicity/Recruitment. Sue Williams asked the Council for funding to create a website to

attract non-dancers. It will cost $60 a month to develop the site and about $200 for the

domain name for 5 yrs. $1000 was authorized from our State Convention profits for the

publicity & recruitment website to get started. Some of Sue’s committee members are

Mary & Dennis, the Seymours, Fred & Velma, Susan Kemp


e. By-Laws. None

f. Ways & Means. Pat Liston issued Honoree nomination forms, due back Jan. 6. The

Honoree Dance is Sunday, Mar. 9, 2014 from 2:-5: at Eastpointe with Kevin Lowe & Chuck


g. 2016 State Convention . Mary Galentine reported the exploratory committee has a

contract ready to be presented to the Alladin Shrine, however, the temple is being sold

and possibly torn down by 2016. She asked everyone to help search for a new site.

Old Business:

New Business: None

Club Reports:

Bucks & Does – none.

Dixie Squares – No dances in November. Flyers on table for future months.

Friendly Ties – none.

Grove City – November 9 dance cancelled. Dec. 28th Pre New Year’s Eve has cuer change, Shover for Burdette.

Happy Squares – 4/27/14 Benefit dance 1:-4: @ Eastpointe for Handicapable Conv. in St. Louis.

Hicks & Chicks – none.

LBJ – People In Need Charity Dance on Nov. 29 will be Hi-Lo so bring your students.

Maple Leaf Squares – time change 3: - 5:30. They will also have a recycled clothing sale with Bucks & Does on Wed., 12/4 @ Whitehall @ 6:00.

Westerville – club taking formal vote to move dances to 1st and 3rd Saturdays starting 2016-

2017 calendar year.

Motion to Adjourn. Next meeting January 6, 2014 @ 7:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Swanberg, Secretary