Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs

Minutes of Meeting January 20, 2014

COCDC President Velma Doyle called the meeting to order at 7:30.

Roll Call: There were 10 members of 9 clubs present.

Minutes: Correction under Bills...National Convention fund raiser netted $289 -$50 hall rental + $40 split the pot = $279. Plus no “e” in Van Dyk. Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was approved. A discussion followed regarding transferring of checking funds to savings funds but was tabled until further exploration of interest rates.

Communications: Sue Williams’s note reported an information packet received from Johnny Appleseeds including radio and newspaper announcements as well as recommended yard sign usage. She hopes to host an education committee meeting Tuesday night, Jan. 21.

Mary Galentine’s note updated us on National Convention statistics. A fund raiser dance is planned for May 18 by the Miami Valley clubs but this will conflict with Maple Leaf Squares club dance so we will not promote it. Permission was granted to sell trinkets at the Honoree Dance. The Caller’s Association will have to approve trinket sales at their Snowball.

Nancy Swanberg said that Cindy Bennett, from the 2014 Ohio Convention, called to find out if we needed any more registration material. She’ll deliver forms to Shirley Monnett at State Corp. A Steam Team would like to come to both the Snowball and Honoree Dance.

President’s Report: None

Committee Reports:

  1. State Corp. Shirley Monnett reported the next meeting will be Feb. 2. Dick Freese, past President of State Corp and prominent Akron dance leader, passed away. A sympathy card was sent to his wife from COCDC.

  2. Caller’s Report: Velma reported Eddie Powell is now a full member of the Caller’s Association. Snowball flyers are on the flyer table.

  3. Demos: None

  4. Publicity: None

  5. Constitution: None

  6. Ways & Means: Under Old Business

  7. 2016 Convention Committee meeting 5:30 Mon., Jan. 27 at Worthington Mall lobby.

Old Business: Honoree Nominations info sent to prior COCDC candidates for voting.

Club responsibilities are listed in September COCDC Minutes. All clubs bring finger food.

New Business: Mandatory meeting in March. Lynn is willing to run again for Vice President and Pat is willing to run again for Treasurer. Council approved advertisement of all local dances on COCDC website, not calendar.

Club Reports:

Bucks & Does – Feb. 14 Valentine dance caller change. Christy Williams with Bob Shover.

See flyers for dinner dance info.

Friendly Ties – May 4 Cinco de Mayo dance coming up. Flyers forthcoming. New class starting Jan. 28 with Pam Fergus and Tommy Seymour.

LBJ – Nest class has 3 new dancers. Flyers out for Amateur Callers/Pizza night March 21.

Maple Leaf Squares – 5 new dancers in class at Mormon Church. May 18 Ken Ritucci dance.

Orbiting Squares – See Spring Dance flyers. Starting Nest class at Whitehall.

Starlites/Satellites– Sue Powell offering Rounds dancing at variety of levels – Gahanna, every Tues. eve.

Westerville – Club voted to change dance nights to 1st & 3rd Saturdays starting with the 2016-2017 year.

Motion to Adjourn. Next meeting March 3, 2014 at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Swanberg, Secretary